A Step By Step Guide To Find The Perfect Tiles For Your Home!

Is your dream home ready and awaiting beautiful floor tiles? Your kitchen needing a re-haul? Are you looking to re-do your bathroom with new floor tiles?

Finding the right floor tiles is critical to your dream home’s overall appeal. Not only are floor tiles functional, but they also bring beauty and aesthetics to your home. They must be sturdy, but you do not have to compromise on the design and style element. Choosing the appropriate tiles for your home should be a snap when you have the expert advice of the most sought after tiles manufacturer in India. Here’s a handy guide to help you out when you’re out shopping for tiles.

1. Understand The Different Tiles In The Market

The Indian market primarily sells 4 kinds of tiles – Porcelain, Ceramic, Vitrified, & Cement. There are also tiles made from natural materials like limestone, granite, marble and sandstone but these are not very common. Either they are less durable or highly expensive. Let us have a look at the 4 primary floor tiles available –

Ceramic tiles are the most popular and also the most cost-effective. Though they are widely used, they have a significant disadvantage in that they are prone to chipping and breaking. They are also prone to a bit of staining. Tiling experts suggest limiting the use of ceramic tiles to places with light to medium foot traffic to prevent excessive damage.

Porcelain tiles – These are an excellent alternative to ceramic tiles. They’re strong, long-lasting, and powerful. They’re also stain and water resistant, making them ideal for wet places such as the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor pathways.

Vitrified tiles – These tiles are less prone to staining and scratching, whilst being incredibly long lasting. They’re quite versatile and come in a wide range of patterns and finishes. They come in various types, including double-charged vitrified tiles, full-body vitrified tiles, soluble-salt vitrified tiles, and others.

Cement tiles –Cement tiles are simple and inexpensive to produce. They’re ideal for commercial settings. However, they have the disadvantage of being porous and absorbing a lot of water, damaging them frequently. They also need to be sealed on a regular basis, which adds to the overall expense.

Based on these different types of tiles, one can choose the best tile to suit the space you want to install them in. If you are unable to make the decision, seek tiling advice from the expert tile manufacturers in India, Emperors Vitrified Porcelain, and our tiling experts will help you.

2. Choosing The Right Tile Size

Not all rooms are the same size and they would definitely not fit the tile size perfectly. Generally, floor tiles come in 2’x2’ ft size but what if your room is a 13×15 ft. or 7×10 ft.? There is going to be tile wastage and our objective should be to minimize this wastage to a large extent. Write down the layout and measurement of the space you want the tile for and discuss with the sales team to understand which size tiles will give you the best value for your money.

Another aspect of tile size is the final look it will render to the space. Large tiles make the space look larger so they are apt for livings rooms and bedrooms. But when you use smaller tiles, it will create more joints which are natural accumulators of dirt. You will then be left with more cleaning and maintenance to do. Talk to the sales team at Emperors Vitrified Porcelain, the leaders in tile manufacturers in India to learn about the different tile sizes and finding the right one for your home.

3. The Pattern And Design You Want On Your Tiles

Tiles come in both glossy and matte finishes. And the amount of designs and patterns you get on them is exhaustive. With modern technology, the production process has advanced a lot, allowing for better customization and designing of floor tiles. One can even get tiles that have a wood-like finish or a marble like texture. But you need to ensure that the floor tiles match the overall designing and color theme of your home interiors to get a blended look.

While the perfect floor tile can enhance the style quotient of your home, the wrong design or pattern can make it look totally out of place. Browsing through the vast tiles catalog of the best tiles manufacturer in India will give you an idea on the designs and finishes that matches with your interior design theme.

4. Choosing The Right Finish On The Tiles

Glossy, Matte, Semi-matte, or Lapotto; these are some common finishes available on tiles.

Glossy finish gives a mirror like sheen that makes the room brighter and spacious. They are suitable for small spaces like kitchen and bathroom that need a lot of light.

Matte finish tiles are anti-skid and non-reflective. They are less prone to staining and hence suitable for heavy duty areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Experts suggest that one should go for matte tiles with an COF (coefficient of friction) value above 0.6.

Semi-matte or Lapotto have better glossy finish than matte but also anti-skid in nature.

5. Calculating The Cost

Tiles cover a major part of your home interior and hence need a substantial budget. Discuss with your interior designer and architect to derive at the right number of tiles you will require. Don’t forget to factor in for atleast 10% of wastage. Since you have shopped around for a bit, you can do a cost comparison and find the right tiles that fits your taste and budget.

That is why we at Emperors Vitrified Porcelain, the leading tile manufacturers in India, house a wide variety of tiles to suit the needs of every customer. Now that you have the complete guide for tiles shopping, give us a call or message us on Whatsapp to get the best tiles for your dream home project.

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