As the no.1 porcelain and ceramic tile supplier in India, Emperors Vitrified Porcelain is renowned for its vast collection of trendy, modern and unrivalled assortment of floor and wall tiles. Available in ceramic and porcelain, we have a tile for every space and every interior style in unlimited colours, patterns, and sizes. Explore our incredible floor and wall tile collections online, or get in touch with our friendly sales team to get started on your dream renovation project.

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As one of the most trusted ceramic and porcelain tile suppliers in India, Emperors Vitrified Porcelain has a dazzling collection of tiles for every room, every style and every budget.

Are you confused which are the best tiles in the market? Not sure which tile to pick for your project? With so many tile choices – glazed, unglazed, vitrified, full-body – finding the perfect tiles for your floors and wall may seem daunting! Worry not! Emperors Vitrified Porcelain is here to help you! We’ve put together informative and concise information on our site to simplify your tile decisions. Browse our site to find answers to all your tile queries. Still cannot find what you’re looking for? No worries! Get in touch with our tile experts to help you find the best tiles for your projects. All tile consultations are free. So, go ahead and start planning your dream project with Emperors Vitrified Porcelain – the best ceramic and porcelain tile supplier in India.


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A customer favourite ceramic tiles are suitable for both floors and walls. Ceramic tiles are available in both glazed and unglazed finishes. The tile styles range from traditional classics to chic modern options. Whatever be your preferred interior design style, you can find the perfect ceramic tile for your floors and walls at Emperors Vitrified Porcelain, the no.1 ceramic tile supplier in India.

Key USPs of Ceramic Tiles

Explore High-Quality Porcelain Tiles for Home and Office

Built to last, porcelain tile flooring gives you the beauty of natural stone, wood, concrete or fabric flooring in modern tile format. Easy to maintain, easy to install, and light on the pocket – porcelain tiles are the best choices for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Though not as popular as ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles have impressive features that make them a massive hit with homeowners and interior designers. Porcelain tiles are denser than ceramic tiles and less porous – making them highly durable and water-resistant. Emperors Vitrified Porcelain, the no.1 porcelain tile supplier in India, offers a wide variety of porcelain tiles found nowhere else.

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Our commitment to quality is evident in our ISO-certified manufacturing unit. With stringent quality control measures, we ensure minimal product defects. Our in-house tile experts continuously innovate, ensuring we remain the best vitrified porcelain tile supplier in India

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