Why Quartz Countertops are the Ideal Choice for Your Kitchen

Are you designing a new kitchen? What options have you explored for the kitchen countertop? Is Quartz Countertop on the top of your list? If not, it’s time to add it now. We bring you some important features of quartz countertop that makes it the perfect material for your kitchen countertop!

Before starting, let us see what Quartz Countertop is!

Quartz countertops are silica-based, hard, crystalline material that is man-made. Quartz is a natural stone; however, quartz countertop is not. Quartz countertops are constructed of ground-up stone particles bound together with plastic resins and are a type of engineered stone. A polymeric or cement-based binder makes up around 10% of the material volume in a quartz countertop, rather than stone. The remaining 90% is made out of crushed waste granite, marble, and natural stone, as well as recycled industrial wastes including ceramic, silica, glass, and mirrors.

The Cost Aspect Of Quartz Countertops

Cost is the primary determinant before we choose any construction material. We want something that is both durable and cost-effective. The cost of quartz countertops is determined by the material’s style and installation method. A countertop with numerous cut-outs, seams, and edge detailing, for example, will be more expensive to install than a single basic slab. Since quartz slabs are heavy and difficult to handle, they should always be installed by a professional. Quartz countertops can also chip along the edges or corners, which can be tough to fix. All this increases the cost of quartz countertops.

Quartz Countertop VS Granite

Quartz countertop is similar to granite in many aspects. While both of them look authentic, only granite is natural stone. Due to the manufacturing process employing resins and polymers, quartz countertops are highly non-porous, making them stain-resistant. But granite is natural stone and porous, making it prone to stains, so you need to ensure that they are sealed properly. Quartz is scratch and chip resistant, thanks to the polymers and resins that give it a bit more flexibility than genuine stone. However, unlike granite, quartz countertops’ resin is not heat resistant, so use caution when placing hot pans or pots on your countertop, since it may crack or break. Though both are equally hard, granite is more easily chipped if a large object is dropped on it.

Quart Countertop Colors And Designs

Since quartz countertops are man-made, you have the option to add different colour pigments to get the desired colour scheme to match your home interiors. Though many customers prefer quartz countertops to have a more natural stone like look, the modern consumer prefers to go trendy and experiment with vibrant color themes.

Engineered quartz, unlike natural stone, is homogeneous and has a consistent color and pattern, making it easier to match tiles and slabs during installation. The size of the quartz granules determines the appearance of the surface. Keep in mind that huge granule styles may make your surface appear cluttered.

Quartz Countertops Cleaning And Maintenance

Your quartz countertop can stay in great shape for years with a simple wash with mild soap or an all-purpose cleaner, followed by a light scrub with a non-abrasive cleaning pad or cloth. It doesn’t require any surface sealant after installation because it’s already polished during fabrication. Quartz countertops are stain-resistant since they are non-porous, and even the slightest stains can be removed with common household cleaners.

The main drawback to quartz countertops is its intolerance to heat, so use caution when placing hot pots or pans on them. Pot holders are a simple solution to keep your quartz surfaces from cracking or chipping due to high temperatures.

Quartz Countertops Are Eco-Friendly

90% of the stone-like components that make up the basis of quartz countertops are leftovers from other quarrying or manufacturing processes. Quartz is a green alternative to natural stone because no natural stone is quarried solely for use in quartz countertops. In recent years, modern manufacturing techniques have permitted manufacturers to combine artificial and organic resins, the latter generated from non-food vegetable oils.

Quartzite is different from Quartz Countertops

Many shoppers assume that quartz and quartzite are the one and same and may end up with the wrong material for their countertop. We wanted to remedy that confusion.

✓ Quartzite is a naturally occurring element that is mined, cut into slabs, and polished to make countertops. It is a natural stone that is not engineered like quartz countertop, yet it has a similar appearance.

✓ Quartzite is not waterproof by nature. To avoid stains from normal use, it must be sealed. It also has to be resealed as the sealer wears off, but quartz countertop does not.

✓ Quartzite, as a natural stone, has one benefit over quartz countertops: it is extremely heat resistant. It’s also tougher than its manufactured version, but it’s more prone to chips from dropped pans.

✓ Both are reasonably priced, so if you’re deciding between the two, you’ll need to pick whether you prefer a natural stone or one that is mostly natural. Both have advantages, but which one will work best for you depends on your preferences and lifestyle.

To Summarize:

Quartz countertops are a trendy and widely sought-after alternative for kitchen counters, boasting excellent durability and a wide range of colors and patterns. The surface’s broad and classic appeal complements any design style, and its ease of maintenance allows it to thrive in even the messiest or busiest kitchens.

The The surface is made out of crushed quartz crystals, pigments, and resin, and gives the appearance of actual stone with flecks and swirls. Quartz countertops in India, unlike natural stone slabs, have a non-porous surface that resists scratches and stains.

If you’re designing your kitchen or thinking about replacing your kitchen countertops, have a look at our quartz countertop catalog or contact our sales team to get started on designing the ideal kitchen today.

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