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Firebricks are specifically designed to withstand the intense heat of a fireplace or furnace. They are dense, refractory blocks that are used to line fireplaces, fire boxes, and furnaces. Unlike regular masonry bricks, which are made from a clay material, firebricks are made from a ceramic material that can withstand temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, contrary to regular masonry bricks, which are generally brown in color, firebricks are usually white in color, and can be customized into any color by adding pigments.

Here are a few distinct features of firebricks and regular bricks. As the leading brick manufacturers in India, our experts have immense knowledge in firebricks and they can help you better. Call us now!

High Heat Resistance

Extremely Heat Resistant
If you need durable bricks for fire pit, fireplace, furnace, or any other heat-resistant use, firebricks are the best choice. They are non-combustible, non-flammable, and highly resistant to heat. They are available in a variety of colors and are great for high heat applications, like industrial ovens or charcoal grills.

Regular bricks are highly porous and cannot withstand temperatures above 1200 Fahrenheit. However, at Emperors Vitrified Porcelain, we do not compromise on quality. We are the most reputed brick manufacturers in India, and our bricks meet the highest quality standards.


Firebricks are naturally highly durable. They are resistant to water, heat, chemicals, and natural elements. The life expectancy of ceramic firebricks is greater than that of concrete or steel fireboxes, which means that they won’t rust.
Regular bricks last a long time too. Just that, when exposed the elements, like water and heat, they could crack or crumble. So they are an ideal material for building construction where they are plastered upon. But for exterior exposure, brick slips are a better choice.


The composition of firebricks ranges from fireclay and silica to clay and lime. Fireclay is a mineral consisting of silica, alumina, and lime. The aluminum content minimizes shrinkage and cracking. The fireclay frequently used in firebricks is low in iron oxide, which makes the bricks resistant to stains.
Regular brick is primarily composed of silica, alumina, magnesia, lime, iron oxide, and alkalis. If there is more or less than the required amount of any of these constituents, the brick may suffer serious damage. In the case of regular bricks, the composition is lightly bonded, whereas firebricks are much more dense.

Look & Finish

Look and Finish
The firebricks are generally made by baking fireclay at high temperatures, typically 1700°-2000°F, to remove most of the volatile matter. The result is a brick that is white, dense, strong, and heat-resistant. Firebrick can provide more consistent color and reflectivity because its denser material provides better light diffusion and a more consistent final shade.

Regular bricks, as we know it, is usually red in color. One of the more common shades is a reddish-brown. But, as one of the most trusted brick manufacturers in India, we realized that our clients were looking for something more. Something unique. So we decided to create more options. Our collection of regular bricks now includes tinted red bricks, Blended Mix bricks, reclaimed bricks, grey, black, and even white color regular bricks. So there is actually no dearth of option for someone looking for regular bricks.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal Conductivity
Thermal conductivity is a property vital to create insulation for your buildings. Firebricks offer lower thermal conductivity than regular bricks. this makes them suitable for building insulation. This property means that the heat will stay inside the space where it is generated and not escape into the rest of the building. This reduces energy losses and decreases the volume of air that need to be heated and cooled. This is a great advantage for a building that is located in a cold climate.
Regular bricks emanate most of the heat they absorb, so they require more energy to heat the same amount of space.

Application Of Firebricks VS Regular Bricks

The Use of Firebricks
Firebricks are appropriate for environments with high exposure to heat. Firebricks are required for high mechanical and thermal stress in settings such as industrial construction and even fireplace construction. They can withstand abrasion better because of their dense properties.

They do not require additional insulation, which saves on materials and labor costs. They also offer thermal insulation and acoustic insulation, which reduces energy consumption and increases building comfort. Firebricks offer superior thermal insulation and acoustic insulation, which makes them ideal for radiant cooling and radiant heating applications. They are also appropriate for buildings that are exposed to heat. Talk to an expert team from renowned brick manufacturers in India, like Emperors Vitrified Porcelain, who can offer better insights into the applications of firebricks in your project.

Regular bricks cannot serve these functions. They are better suited for standard building construction. Because they are lighter, they can be used in high-rise buildings. They aid in the maintenance of a proper building load. They also provide a warm and cozy feeling when used in interior building insulation. They are also less expensive than firebricks, so they are commonly used for exterior building construction.

When To Choose Firebricks Over Regular Bricks?

When Should You Use Firebricks Instead
Firebricks are better suited for high-stress applications. This includes industrial construction, where the bricks are subjected to extreme temperatures, as well as fireplace construction, where the bricks are exposed to heavy abrasion. Because of their superior durability, firebricks are better suited for these applications.
If you are looking to insulate your building, choose firebricks over regular bricks. They are better suited for insulating buildings because they offer superior acoustic insulation and thermal insulation, which reduces energy consumption and increases building comfort.

It is also important to order your bricks from the No.1 brick manufacturers in India – Emperors Vitrified Porcelain brings decades of experience in manufacturing and delivering high quality construction materials, including bricks. You can even place custom orders of bricks for your building. Call us today and our team will be happy to assist you.

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