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Are ceramic tiles a healthy choice? How to integrate them into my home décor? Emperors Vitrified Porcelain tells you how!

There is an increase in the call for eco-friendly and sustainable materials in the construction industry. With tonnes of debris filling landfills, homeowners and builders alike, are looking for materials that are a healthy choice for their home as well as planet Earth.

As a renowned ceramic tile supplier in India, Emperors Vitrified Porcelain has always recommended the benefits of using ceramic tiles for your construction needs. Ceramic tile is free of many of the hazardous substances present in other flooring materials, making it an excellent choice for the health of your family’s feet.

They’re also a better option than vinyl, plastic, and rubber flooring, which have been linked to heavy metals and other contaminants. Furthermore, because ceramic tiles are comprised of natural materials, they are less prone to trigger allergic reactions than their vinyl, plastic, and rubber equivalents.

We are presenting some of the key advantages of using ceramic tiles for your design needs that make your construction truly healthy and eco-friendly.

1. No Harmful Chemicals


Ceramic tiles, as opposed to man-made polymers, are made of pure clay found in the soil. As a result, they are free of potentially dangerous substances such as PVC and formaldehyde. Since they do not contain VOCs, they are safe for children and family members to walk on and could be a better flooring solution for allergy-prone households.

2. Healthy Cleaning

Ceramic tiles, when properly laid and maintained, are a low-maintenance flooring option. They require little maintenance and can be cleaned with a vacuum, mild soap, and warm water. Avoid exposing your ceramic tiles to direct sunlight and use a quality sealant to prevent them from water damage to keep them looking like new. If you have a particularly difficult-to-clean or high-traffic area, ask your ceramic tile professional about flooring materials made specifically for high-traffic areas.

Tile experts at Emperors Vitrified Porcelain, leading ceramic tile supplier in India, can tell you more about the techniques involved in tile laying and how to optimize your design using ceramic tiles.

3. Cost-Effective

Ceramic tiles are a low-cost flooring option since they are sturdy, resilient, and may last a lifetime. They can be placed in any part of your house, including the kitchen and bathroom. Ceramic tiles are also easy to replace if you ever need to replace or install a new one.

4. Dust Repellent & Anti-Microbial

Certain ceramic tile options have the ability to suppress and even kill dangerous microbes such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi. They are stain-resistant and require little maintenance. While their scratch resistant quality has obvious aesthetic and functional merits, it also promotes hygiene since they discourage dirt accumulation in small cracks.

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Key Takeaway:

Ceramic tiles are an environmentally friendly solution for your home design needs. They are created entirely of natural materials, reducing the demand for landfill space and the utilization of hazardous chemicals. Ceramic tiles are also a good alternative for active homes due to their low-maintenance nature. They’re also fire-resistant, slip-resistant, and extremely long-lasting.

Emperors Vitrified Porcelain, reputed ceramic tile supplier in India, has a wide range of ceramic tile options for your design needs. We have a comprehensive array of ceramic tile options, including bathroom, kitchen, wall, and floor tiles, as well as fountain, pool, and garden tiles. Call us today to discuss your design needs and find out more about our ceramic tile options.

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