Expert Tips from Top Copper Bathtub Manufacturers in India

Want to transform your bathing space? Want to change it from the boring tiled room into something classy and elegant? Buy a copper bathtub! We bring you the complete guide to copper bathtub shopping!

While interior designing has become more sophisticated and modern, copper bathtubs are still a popular choice for many homeowners. Copper bathtubs look great and is a truly beautiful and pleasant addition to your bathing space. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a movie star taking a luxurious bath in one of those copper bathtubs? Copper bathtubs can add beauty to your bathroom while also creating a place to relax.

Purchasing a new copper bathtub necessitates some study and comparison shopping. Emperors Vitrified Porcelain, the leading copper bathtub manufacturers in India, offers a wide range of bathtub designs that are a terrific addition to any bathroom. Our high quality copper bathtubs, available in a variety of forms, sizes, and finishes, will add a sophisticated and classy look to your bathing space. This short guide has been put together to assist you in selecting the ideal copper bathtub for your home.

Copper Quality & Gauge

Copper is a naturally occurring material that is an excellent substitute for porcelain or ceramic tubs. It has a lovely golden tone and is resistant to scratches. Check the purity of the copper utilized. A copper proportion of 97% or more is considered excellent for forging a high-quality copper bathtub.

The gauge utilized is the next consideration; a copper gauge of 14-16 is ideal. The gauge of a substance is its strength. Thinner gauge signifies that more copper has been squeezed and beaten up, resulting in greater strength. Thicker gauge is not recommended since it may crack or shatter in the long run. So look for a copper bathtub with a gauge of 14-16; something a few points below is also OK.

Emperors Vitrified Porcelain is a well-known copper bathtub manufacturer from India, and our bathtubs are made of high-quality copper to provide you with the greatest product for your home.

Seams On Your Copper Bathtub

Seams give your copper baths a rustic look. They also reveal how strong your bathtub is. There are two sorts of seams: welded and soldered. Welded seams are more durable than other types of seams. When compared to soldered seams, they are less prone to cracking and breaking. Another benefit of welded copper tubs is that the joints are less evident when the tub is new and almost invisible once it has aged.

Browse our collection of stunning copper bathtubs to find one that is right for you. We are India’s leading copper bathtub manufacturers, and we guarantee the highest quality copper bathtub.

The Copper Bathtub's Shape and Size

Aside from the material quality and cost, the shape and size of the copper bathtub that is suited for their bathroom must be considered. The following are some of the most popular copper bathtub types and sizes:

Copper Freestanding Tub – The freestanding double ended copper tub is rounded on both sides, allowing the user to sit on either side. Two people may be able to sit in the tubs at the same time if they are large enough. Drains are frequently positioned in the center to provide for this option.

Copper Clawfoot Tub – The appearance of a freestanding copper clawfoot tub is quite traditional. The legs of the copper tub are raised, as the name implies, and incorporate a claw-shaped foot.

Hammered Copper Tub – Hammered is a rough finish created by striking the surface with a hammer and creating indentations of varied sizes. A smooth finish is common when a tub is not pounded.

Copper Japanese Soaking Tub – Copper Japanese soaking baths are often huge and rectangular or oval in shape. They are often narrower and deeper in order to produce a greater footprint.

Copper Soaking Tub – A copper soaking tub is often smaller and deeper in order to provide more water volume while taking up less bathroom space. This allows you to sit up and allows the water to rise above the user’s shoulders, soaking the entire body.

Copper Drop In Tub – A copper drop in tub is constructed within a frame known as the ‘surround.’ This is typically tiled or a component of a bigger unit. The surround doubles as a storage room for soaps, candles, plants, and other items required for the ultimate relaxing bath. Drop in tubs are often designed in an open space, although they can also be fitted in a bathroom alcove.


Copper bathtubs are incredibly expensive, and because of the demand-supply gap, higher quality, longer lifespan, and corrosion resistance, they are typically made to order. Customers may have to wait several days for their orders to be delivered. Emperors Vitrified Porcelain is one of India’s largest copper bathtub manufacturers, and we can design, forge, and ship your copper bathtub in a timely manner.

Copper bathtubs are popular for several reasons, including their appealing aesthetic and health benefits. They are not only attractive and practical, but also exceedingly sturdy and resistant to harm, allowing them to last for generations.

The best copper bathtubs, designed and created by Emperors Vitrified Porcelain, the best bathtub designers and leading copper bathtub manufacturers from India. Our products are engineered with the highest quality, durability and safety standards. Our copper tubs are manufactured from strong, durable copper that holds up over time. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Call us, email us or message us on Whatsapp to place your order now!

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