Top Ceramic Tile Suppliers In India

Ceramic tiles are manufactured from a mixture of clay, minerals and color pigments. Available in a myriad of designs and patterns, ceramic tiles have long been hailed as the ultimate in home decor. Even with the introduction of modern materials such as porcelain and vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles hold a special place in the hearts of homeowners who want something unique and bespoke for their homes. As the best ceramic tile suppliers in India, we see that our customers seek ceramic tiles for their unique style and design.

Ceramic tiles are available in glazed, non-glazed, pressed, and extruded forms. Each variety serves a distinct application purpose and homeowners have to choose the right one for their needs. There are also multiple quality grades of ceramic tiles and you have to ensure that you are getting a high-quality product that is total value for your money. So how can you check and verify the quality of ceramic tiles? We have this simple guide to help you

1. Ensure Uniformity Of Size And Shape

Ensure Uniformity Of Size And Shape
The size and shape of a ceramic tile should be uniform across its entire surface. Any variation in size or shape may provide an indication that the tile may be compromised. A few very small tiles or tiles that are very thin are also a good indicator of a low-quality tile.

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2. Look For The Color Shade And Hue

Color Shade And Hue
A good quality tile should be a uniform shade. It should not be a color that is too dark, bright, or light. It should also have a color that is close to the color of the background material. This helps to ensure that the tile blends in with the background.

3. Check The Glaze

Check The Glaze
A good quality tile should have a high level of gloss. The gloss can be metallic or smooth, but a glossy tile is preferable over a matte tile. It should not have a dull, matt or sticky feel. This helps to make the tile more visually appealing. It also helps to ensure that the tile is protected from wear and tear.

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4. Perfect Edges

Perfect Edges
The edges should be sharp and perfectly angled. Chipping and cracking of the edges means bad quality ceramic tiles. Also, the edges should be uniform in color, thickness and texture. If the edges have been sanded down, this indicates that the tile was cut too close to the surface, which can mean future damages. The edges of the tile should also be free of any glue or sealant, which can compromise the integrity of the tile.

5. Uniform Thickness

Uniform Thickness
A 5mm thickness is considered the industry standard. However, tiles of any thickness can scratch with everyday use and over time this will affect the appearance of your floor. A thicker tile may also have a less durable finish. Ensure that the thickness is uniform throughout the tiles.

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6. Find Out The Water Absorption Percentage Of The Tile

Water Absorption Percentage Of The Tile
Water absorption is the amount of water that a tile can absorb before it begins to crack or bend, and this number is used to determine the life expectancy of the tile. Most tiles have a water absorption percentage of between 5 to 10%. A 10% water absorption percentage is the highest a tile can have before it begins to crack.
The guidelines are basic and meant to give you a general idea about how a ceramic tile should look. You can find various types of ceramic tiles in the market, depending on personal taste and preference.
Working with ceramic tiles is one of the simplest ways to protect your floors and create a stunning decorative effect. They’re also a good way to express your floor design and bring a unified look to your home.

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